About Us

Chapter Advisers:
Family and Consumer Science Teachers
Mrs. Brenda Osman, Ms. Ashley McConnell, and Mrs. Bonilla

2021-2022 FCCLA Chapter Officers



Josie Volpenhein

Vice President

Sophia Allen

Recording Secretary (Affiliation)

Becca Tupper

Attendance Secretary

Haylee Frazier


Jocelyn Inderhees

Student Adviser

Kate Dudley

VP of Community Service

Ellie Doll & Madison Barkley

VP of Communication (Social Media)

Karly Scholl

VP of Competitive Events

Michelle Batta

VP of Development

Mak Kelly

VP of Individual Programs

Maycey Lewis

VP of Membership(s)

Kellyn Burke & Alex Seubert

VP of National Programs

Lucy Chenault

VP of Public Relations

Emma Barkley

VP of Recognition

Maleighna Mondal

VP of State Programs

Emma Green

VP of Student Body Program

Ben Ahaus

Freshman Representative

Chloe Weber


           National 1st Vice President

Maria Deddens

          Indiana State President

Paige Lyness

          Indiana VP of Development

Lara Moster

          Indiana VP of National Programs

Olivia Stenger

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    • Admin. Office

      Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools
      1 Trojan Place, Suite B
      St. Leon, IN 47012

      Tel: 812-623-2291
      Fax: 812-623-3341
      Dr. Andrew Jackson, Superintendent

      High School

      East Central High School
      1 Trojan Place, Suite A
      St. Leon, IN 47012

      Tel: 812-576-4811
      Fax: 812-576-2047
      Tom Black, Principal

      Middle School

      East Central Middle School
      8356 Schuman Road
      St. Leon, IN 47012

      Tel: 812-576-3500
      Fax: 812-576-3506
      Chad Swinney, Principal

    • Elementary Schools

      Bright Elementary
      22593 Stateline Road
      Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

      Tel: 812-637-4600
      Fax: 812-637-4606
      Michael Collier, Principal

      North Dearborn Elementary
      27650 Sawmill Road
      West Harrison, IN 47060

      Tel: 812-576-1900
      Fax: 812-576-1901
      Jeff Bond, Principal

      Sunman Elementary
      925 North Meridian St.
      Sunman, IN  47041

      Tel: 812-623-2235
      Toll Free:  888-645-5717
      Fax:  812-623-4330
      Pamela Dixon, Principal

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